January 11, 2010

More He-Man

Back from LA and had a fantastic time. Got to visit/meet so many cool people and see great art. A big thank you to all! Perfect 74 degree sunny weather to boot. What more can you ask for? We packed so much into a short period but instead of feeling worn down, I'm both energized and inspired.

Enough babbling, here are the other two He-Man show pieces.

Trapjaw's Revenge - 11" x 14" cel vinyl acrylic on illustration board.

Naughty Neck - 11" x 14" cel vinyl acrylic on illustration board.


For the Trapjaw / Sorceress piece I did a little lighting study to get the shadows right... simply a shoe box and a couple pieces of cardboard taped down, then lit from the front.

Lately I've been doing all my color studies digitally. Quick and dirty, like this.

The opening at G1988 did not disappoint. Several hundred people came through the gallery, including media and even a few celebs and from what I could tell, a good time was had by all. Jensen and his team did a terrific job.

A few hastily taken shots.


Brad said...

always look forward to your posts! great stuff, love that shoebox idea!

Tel Coelho said...


Gerald de Dios said...

Congrats on the show - those are really great illustrations! Just by the photos, it looked like a kick-ass event!

damon said...

i like

kalonji said...

bravo !!! i wish i could be there ^^

Orda said...

Awesome stuff man! really love the Naughty Neck. Cracks me up.

Juan Bauty said...

Awesome work!!! i have no words!!
Happy New Year, master. :-)

Tom Scholes said...


pumml said...

Thanks very much, you guys!

Adele K Thomas said...

i love the naughty neck painting because that is the only He-man figure i had...Mecca neck or whatever his name was :D