December 17, 2009

He-Man Teaser

I can now share one of the three pieces I did recently for the upcoming He-Man show at G1988 LA in January (opens the 8th... I'll be attending with family in-tow). I was so excited to get the invite to this show that as soon as I stopped jumping up and down I sketched out all my pieces (and then some) in about 30 seconds. Granted, they've improved a little since, but the ideas are still the same.

Mer Swamp - 11" x 14" cel vinyl acrylic on illustration board.

For the other two, well, you'll just have to wait! I promise it'll be worth it or your money back.

Oh, and G1988 is working with Mattel to transform the gallery into Castle Greyskull. As if you needed another reason to go. It's gonna be epic I tell ya.


damon said...

very cool i will try to make it to the show

Renee Kurilla said...

Wow, sounds AWESOME!

Andy said...

congratulations dude! stellar piece, and I can't wait to see the rest!!

roque said...

Great Merman! You keep getting better and better.

'Diamond' Dave Merritt said...

Hey Drake. Have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year!! Great swamp guy too.

pakoto said...

I love this!! cool colors!

feliz navidad!

Rex said...

That looks really awesome! I would totally go to this show if I was around town.

Heidi Smith said...

I love this, I love his eyes!!! Really great designs!!

Dean Grey said...

This looks all types of cool, Drake!

I loved the He-Man (and She-Ra) cartoon(s) when I was a kid.

And green is my most favorite color so how could I not love this painting!


pumml said...

Thanks a lot everyone!

Damon - Hope to see you there!

Renee - Should be a blast.

Andy - Thanks! Just a little longer.

Roque - Thanks much! That means a lot.

Dave - Thank you, Sir! Back atcha.

Pakoto - Thanks! Happy New Year!

Rex - Thanks pal! Sorry you can't be there.

Heidi - Cheers! Thanks for stopping by.

Dean - Glad you like it. I was a bit obsessed with the cartoons myself.

IZA said...

Awesome man! Hope to see ya there!

Anonymous said...

wish have a print of this

Chris Garbutt said...

I know you've had this posted for a while, but I absolutely love this one. I keep popping back to look at it! Great job!