January 18, 2008


Normally I don't post here about workstuffs, but we finished a fun game awhile back in which I got to design some characters, backgrounds, logo, color scheme, screens, wallpapers, etc. My talented coworkers and pals Devi and Ian shared the workload and did characters, animation, UI, wallpapers, a sh!t ton of assets and more. Boss-man, Matt kept us in line and did animation and character designs and a lot more. It was a lot of work, but a fun project.

Anyway, here are my fish characters that made the cut.

And one of my wallpapers (you can download them from the site).

The game has now launched at plexipixel.com/games so if you've got a moment, give it a whirl! It picks up speed pretty quick, so bring your "A" game.


Andy said...

Super awesome dude! Been wanting to see some of your work work for a while now, and lo and behold a pleasant surprise. TTYL

artlung said...

So fun! More excellent stuff Drake!

Kali Fontecchio said...


Chris Battle said...

Now i'm all hungry for sushi.

pumml said...

Thanks gang! We've got another one on the way... sometime soon.