January 20, 2008

Birfday Dragon

My niece Alyssa just had her 4 year birthday, so in keeping with tradition I wanted to paint something for her. We recently watched home video of her telling her little sister a completely made up bedtime story, in which a sheep rode on the back of a pink dragon. You see, the sheep's legs were "too too short" for it to run, so the nice dragon helped it out. Painting solved! Here's the result.

Please be aware the colors are off, because once again I mixed in some radiant paint. I did my best to tweak in Photoshop, but the subtle highlight on the dragon's skin doesn't show. What can ya do. Maybe you can see it in the photo a little better. Reality lies somewhere in between the two (closer to the scan).

6" x 9" cel vinyl on watercolor paper.

The photo.


Kali Fontecchio said...

I like the muted colors in the scan actually! And I wish I had a sheep on my back.

danish ice said...

This might be my favorite painting yet, i love the story that lies behinf it!

pumml said...

Thanks, Kali! After looking at these again on a better monitor, the photo is way off. The scan colors are much closer to the real piece. Some people like sheep on their backs, some like monkeys.

Thank you Michelle! It was such a cute story, I couldn't resist.

Sandy Pants said...

I'm not the only one who draws sheeps and dragons I see! What is it about sheeps and dragons that go so well together?

pumml said...

They're like chocolate and peanut butter... two great tastes that go great together.