January 06, 2008

Blog Anniversary

It's officially been a year since I started this wee blog on blogger. Over the course of 42 posts, we've shared laughter and tears. All 5 of us. I don't have a painting for you today, because I've been gathering strength for this new year (aka: part busy part lazy). Rest assured, I will have a new one shortly. Instead, here are a couple of doodles from the trusty little sketchbook.

A couple trees I saw while driving. As I drew them, I thought Eyvind Earles's style was perfectly suited to portray their shape. I hadn't looked at his stuff in a long while, but man, it sticks with you. Well, me at least.

This is a strange fellow from my morning bus commute one day. He was truly odd looking, and I made him look stranger (though not much!). I couldn't draw him during the bus ride, because he would've seen me, so I just memorized his face and then drew him later.

It's gonna be an exciting year. Got some things in the pipeline and will share them in due time. Happy New Year all!


artlung said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Andy said...

If frankenstein and dracula had a baby... :)

Kali Fontecchio said...

It's Batboy!

danish ice said...

Very merry happy blog anniversary!

Keep up the good work

Ian said...

Happy belated blog anniversary, Drake! Your stuff is getting better and better. Keep up the inspiring work!

pumml said...

Thanks, pals!