October 04, 2007

Supes and Shrubs

My buddy Tom had a birthday. He and I are Smallville fans and he likes Superman, so that's what he got. Just a quick doodle.



Unrelated to Tom's birthday I did some more bushes. Three were dabbed on with an old dish towel. The other was done using steps similar to Eyvind Earle's painting steps for Sleeping Beauty, though not as nice, of course.

This post was mainly to buy some time while I work on a bigger personal project... it's still under wraps.


Andy said...

Man I can't get over the quality and details you're getting in these trees dude!

Don't know if you have already or not, but you should check out the threadless.com contest stuff and submissions.

Laters Foo'!!

Alina Chau said...

Pretty paintings!!

Shellie K said...

nice stuff !