September 19, 2007

Tree fetish

I guess I have a bit of a tree fetish. I've been taking lots of photos of interesting trees and plants over the last few months. I haven't used the photos yet, but here are some studies of trees from memory.

These are based on a scary tree I saw. Thought it would be fun to add faces. I'm planning to do a painting based on them later.


Brush and cel vinyl. Mostly just color studies, but I wasn't happy with these because there's not enough interest in the leaf shapes and patterns. Everything is too even.

Just a tree.

These are all done with paper towel sponging. I overworked and ruined the bushes, but I'm happy with how the trees came out.

Sea sponge. Overworked some areas of these and ruined them.

I'll try some more studies... like sponging with a dish rag and keep practicing until I get the result I'm after.


danish ice said...

The Paper towel trees looks soooo gooood. Keep up the experimentation

Andy said...

This looks great Drake! Wouldn't have thought of using a paper towel.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Ilike taking pics of trees too, building reference haha.

dave c said...

Great to see you keeping up with the traditional forms of art. I wish I could say the same for myself.
On the plus side, I've finally been hired as a full-time illustrator for a design studio in town. I've been working there almost three months now and It's been amazing. Good things come to those who wait 14 years? Man,
I'm old.
Again, great stuff!
-dave c

pumml said...

Thanks, guys and girls!

Congrats on the illustration job, Dave! Do you have and newish work online by chance?

Dave Carleson said...

Yeah, I'm following your fine example
and trying out Blogspot. You can see a little at
Be gentle, it's lame.

chris chua said...

beautiful sponge and paint techniques....I cant wait to see more of your art!