October 16, 2007

Quickie doodles

Not a big post today. Just a couple quick doodles.

Saw a tree like this near work. I believe it's a weeping blue atlas cedar. I love how these trees look. So much personality.

I drew this ostrich while my niece watched. After I was finished, I couldn't help but think I've seen something like it before. For the life of me I don't remember where. Maybe my brain playing tricks?

Stay tuned for some more Samurai Jack background screencaps soon. You won't be sorry!


Andy said...

The ostrich's head reminds me a bit of the Earthworm Jim stuff?

Todd Harris said...

great work, really like your ostrich. can't wait for the samurai jack backgrounds!

pumml said...

Hey Andy. Yeah, I can see that now. Maybe that's what I was thinking of.

Thanks, Todd! I appreciate you stopping by.