May 15, 2007

Arrr Matey

Here's something I whipped up for my niece's 3 year birthday. She's really into Nemo, so her mom asked me to make a large poster to play pin-the-tail on. It would have been expensive to print at Kinko's, so instead it was just printed on a regular color printer.

I tried to make the pencils clean and dark, to make scanning and live tracing in Illustrator come out better.

Live traced in Illustrator and colored in Flash.

Below are some crappy photos of the blocks I had custom made and I painted for an Ninja themed art show/event in 2005. They are solid 4" cubes painted with acrylic, before I got cel vinyl, which is much better! I used the cel vinyl on those munnies in a previous post. Sorry if you've seen them before, I've posted them elsewhere too.

Coming up: New doodles (surprises still on the way).


Ian Ross said...

Nice work, Drake! Love the color and sharpness of the seahorse. Super cute. I bet there are a MILLION other nieces out there that would love to have a poster of this on their wall. One Word. MERCHANDISING.

pumml said...

Thanks Ian! I wish I hadn't run out of time to make some nice plants for the bg.