May 21, 2007


Here are some recent doodles from a little Canson sketchbook I've been carrying around lately. I decided not to use pencil at all in this little sketchbook, but to just think of something and ink it, to get more comfortable inking. I've mostly been using Pitt brush pens for these.

An angry boss guy, inspired by some Tim Biskup characters.

A fist.

Tree in Queen Anne.

Bus people (the bus ride was a bit shakey).

Hand carved mirror trim in a bar.

Samurai Jack.

My niece Milena turned 6 this weekend. She loves fairies, so I drew this with a Raphael Sable #2 and some Higgins black magic ink on 6" x 9" watercolor paper.

And here we are pulling silly faces.

Coming up next: Super bonus surprize!


artlung said...

Great drawings and cool photo of you and your niece!

pumml said...

Thanks, Joe! She and I are a lot alike. Both love to draw, both talk a lot, and both ruin every family photo by making faces. :)

Kali Fontecchio said...

You have a pointy head.

pumml said...

Thanks for noticing! I don't even style my hair like that, it's all thanks to my pointed skull.

Ian Ross said...

Pointed skulls must be good for drawin' pictures. Cool stuff, Drake!