April 28, 2007

Slightly More Recent

As promised, here are some pieces from between college and current. I'm finally getting close to posting current stuff! I guess that means I'd better get cracking on more current stuff then!

Had fun doing this Bruce Lee sketch from a small book I had about him. I think it's the first time I'd tried to do something more rendered in a long time. It also came after a pretty long drawing drought for me.

This may seem silly, but you know when you hear things, for instance when a certain actor is going to be in a movie, but you have know idea what their character will be, and then you immediately try to figure out that character? Well, this was after hearing that Jet Li was in negotiations to be in the Matrix 2 and/or 3. I immediately thought they were going to do something on the scorched earth and I thought it would be cool if he were this wandering badass warrior. Turns out I couldn't have been further from the truth, and Jet didn't even star in the movie, but I still had fun with the idea. To bad I made his sword hand look so f'ed up.

Here's another kinda rendered pic of a wushu guy doing a front jump kick. I should finish rendering the pants.

Concept for some stupid bad guy character I was making up. I don't like it.

This is a character I should do more with. I call him "Ninjabot".

Here's a terribly stiff pic of my niece, Madison from a couple years ago. She wasn't playing soccer at the time, but rather sitting on the couch, so I captured an okay likeness of her face, but the rest isn't great.

Urahara from the manga/anime Bleach.

Coming soon: Even more recent stuff... and then maybe some surprizes.


Dave said...

I especially like the shadows on Bruce Lee's back. Good to see you're keeping up the sketching. I got an e-mail from Drew Struzan the other day, he seems pretty depressed about the state of illustration these days. How the business is dying and whatnot. Well, I say fooie!

pumml said...

Thanks Dave! Wow, you're emailing with Struzan? His stuff always amazes me. Too bad he's depressed about the state of the industry. Is it really dying? Or has it just changed into a different beast? Nearly everything seems to have gone digital, but there are still people coming out with great illustration for books, magazines, the web or personal gratification. Not only that, but there seems to be a lot more mod pop, or lowbrow artists getting big and selling out shows. There may be hope yet...

Done any new work, btw?

Arschblog said...

Great designs, I like the soccer playing little girl and the first drawing!:)

pumml said...

Thanks, Arschblog! Love your work!