April 09, 2007

More College

I went through some boxes and found a few more college drawings. Here they be.

I was into kungfu, snowboarding and chinese landscapes when we were given a project in my old design class to create a personal mark... so I incorporated all those things into a stupid one. It was either a strange project, or more likely, my strange interpretation of the project.

Below are pages from another strange design project. A coloring book that would supposedly teach kids about hoboes. I guess this was my crosshatching phase.

A silly Christmas card for NRS (my first design intership/job). The inside said, "Just heat and enjoy. Happy Holidays from Blah Blah Blah".

Up next: After college stuff... unless I find some more missing college stuff first.


Anonymous said...

When I have a child I will have to teach him or her about the culture of the hobo. Good start on providing the definitive hobo coloring book to the children of the future! (I'm scared of the hobo in the bumper tho...he looks like he's ready to stab me!)

artlung said...

I like the hatching!

pumml said...

Thanks Joe!

Yeah Ian, I doubt any kid their right mind would want to color hoboes... especially the ones I drew. :)