August 20, 2012

Adventure Time

Had a busy, but terrific weekend with Marshall Vandruff's superb workshop, checking out the awesome Paranorman panel and attending the super-packed Adventure Time group show at Gallery Nucleus.

Here's the painting I did for the show... my first time using Turner brand gouache (instead of the usual WN) and I'm already a believer. It handles perfectly, comes in more (even vibrant) colors, is easier on brushes and for the amount, about 1/4 the cost of Winsor Newton.

For this one I had a few different ideas (some of which were funny) but opted to stay away from a mash-up and do just an original-ish idea and monster of my own. I was also excited to try to play with some diamonds and trying to achieve lighting effects that are simple digitally, but take a bit of planning in real paint.

Eyes Filled With Diamonds - 11" x 14" gouache.


BETOWERS said...

Amazing work!!!! love love love it!

Juan Bauty said...

i love it, Drake!

Nicholas Hong said...

very cute^^

Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

Thanks guys!

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