November 03, 2009

Shop Open!

Guess who has his Etsy store open finally? Yes, and in time for the holidays even. Thanks to everyone for encouraging (aka demanding) it. :)

Please STOP ON BY.

I've got a few prints and one original there now and will do my best to keep adding stuff, so keep your ears peeled.

Also, if any of you other sellers want to be Etsy friends, please let me know.


Renee Kurilla said...


jacks said...

great paintin ...great shop !

Vogel said...

Hi Drake,

I like your work and blog very much. It's very cool showing your painting process and progress.

It is awesome that your blog became one of the best online sources of information on Samurai Jack, my favourite tv series ever. And showing as well the fantastic work of Scott Wills. Are they planning to publish a sort of "The Art of SJ"? They should - not only to satisfy their fans, but also to leave a public register of their contribution to the arts! :)

By any chance, would you have a 'bigger' version of SJ's Reflections? What a masterpiece! I'm using that one as my desktop BG - it would be just great to have it in higher definition!

Congrats for the little Tyrus! Best of luck! :)



pumml said...

Thanks for the comments, Renee, Colin and Vin!

Renee - Thanks for the enthusiasm! :)

Colin - Thanks much!

Vin - Thank you for the kind words. I thought the art in Samurai Jack was too good and needed to be featured online more. After awhile, Scott was nice enough to get in touch and I'm more than happy to post up his incredible work when he shares it.

As for an Art of Samurai Jack book, I've been hoping for this for some time. I don't know of any plans for one, but will let you know if I hear different.

Regarding the Reflections piece, it is the size he sent over to me, so unfortunately that's all I have.

Thanks again!

P.S. Scott is working on interview questions I sent him... so stay tuned for that and more of his amazing paintings in the near future!

Vogel said...

Thanks, Drake, and let's keep our fingers crossed!
By the way, we're "neighbours" ;-)

Vogel said...

Since you enjoy old Yogi's backgrounds...

Vogel said...

Btw, that's the image I'm using as my desktop now :)

billspaintingmn said...

Just found ya, and yippie!!
Your work is FUN FUNNY & FANTASTIC!!!
Congratulations on the new Sheriff

kyle said...

congrats. You realize, now yer gonna have to paint the baby room. And babies are harsh critics.

billspaintingmn said...

Happy Turkey Day!!
Well Drake, that's how we say it over here when we want to be funny!
Sincerly, I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!
Your art is a gas!!

C.B. Canga said...

nice work. congrats. hope you sell a lot of prints.

pumml said...

Vin - Thanks for the Link!

Bill - Thank you very much!

Kyle - Ha! Yes, I'm still trying to finish it...

C.B. - Cheers! Thanks for stopping by.

Dean Grey said...

Congrats on the Etsy store, Drake!