November 01, 2009

I Like Robots

Hope you've all gotten over your candy comas. If you have any leftovers, please feel free to share since I didn't get any treats this year.

Here's a tiny painting I did yesterday to keep my brushes from getting rusty.

2" x 3.5" cel vinyl acrylic on watercolor paper


matt dawson said...

Puts me in mind of two cracking films (Iron Giant & Incredibles), which is no bad thing. Faultless piece of work in every respect! Each time I see your 'real' stuff makes me want to switch of the computer and get my hands dirty! Many congratulations on the little fella too!

tinylittlesandra said...

Ooww spooky. I dig it, in fact I'm digging it all the way down, i ant been here in a while and I'm loving all the posts. Congrats on the new baby Tyrus too. Woohoo :)

Sam said...

Nice! It looks menacing and fun all at the same time.

damon said...

super cool

pumml said...

Thanks, you guys!

Matt - I always appreciate your comments and am flattered to be put in the same sentence as Iron Giant and The Incredibles. :) I can't encourage you enough to pick up the real brushes and get messy... please do!

Sandra - Thank you very much!

Sam - Thanks! Glad to hear it!

Damon - Thank you, Sir!

Dean Grey said...


I love the purples in this one!

And those ominous, glowing red eyes are pretty darn cool too!