September 02, 2009

Unnatural Selection Preview

Hi folks!

The preview is now live... so if you want to have a crack at any of the art or just want to peek, please proceed.

Unnatural Selection PREVIEW

Legally Blind - 6" x 6" cel vinyl acrylic on cradled panel


'Diamond' Dave Merritt said...

Hey Drake, thanks for stopping by. Looks like you've been busy. Love the Eyvind Earle book. Your Bat painting is cool too!

Rex said...

Woah, that's a pretty sweet painting!
All the paintings from your exhibit look awesome. I love the 'follow you nose' one, too.
Good luck with the show, Drake!

Matt Hawkins said...

Wow I just came across your stuff through Blue Bottle. Really Nice stuff you got here,I'm a big fan!

Sir Franagan said...

I love your work, I learn very much from your paintings.

pumml said...

Thanks for the comments!

Dave - Thanks! Indeed I have been!

Rex - Thanks a lot, buddy! Glad you like 'em!

Matt - Thanks very much! You do great work!

Sir Franagan - Great to hear that. Thanks for stopping by!

matt dawson said...

Well done on the excellent body of work for the Bluebottle show... as always wish I was in the Statesand could come along. I hope everything sells and commissions flood in! So jealous that you get the effects you do OUTSIDE of the the bats! Really jealous of the Eyvind Earle book... looks like something to rescue from a burning building, if you can lift it! The most I've spent on a book was the Charlie Harper retrospective...once seen had to have! Don' t know about you but I wish these books came smaller in multiple volumes to save on wrist ache and book shelf creak :)

roque said...

Great looking show. Congrats!

Alexiev said...

I love this illustration...