March 01, 2009

Color Roughs

Can't leave you guys hangin' anymore. Here are some rough color studies for an upcoming piece. Going with something close to the first.

Both are about 4" x 4" cel vinyl acrylic on bristol paper.


Don Clark said...

So good! If these are just studies, can't wait to see the final thing!

Leigh said...

AAH! that's so cute! i like the first one. the 2nd one looks like something bad is about to happen to her...haha.

pumml said...

Thanks Don and Leigh!

Don - The final will be better, I promise.

Leigh - Something bad IS about to happen to her!

Bob Cowan said...

When I first saw these, I thought they looked quite a bit like Samurai Jack


jacks said...

love these

IZA said...

I'm glad you're going with something closer to the first, cause I think it's stronger! But they're both Awesome!!!