February 02, 2009

It's February

I haven't given up blogging, though from my lack of activity you may have assumed so. I've been pretty busy with freelance design work and other things. Lots of planning and behind the scenes sketching going on though. I'll try to be better at bringing the posts.

So here's some stuff that's happening:

I'll be in a group show on May 1st at Gallery 1988 SF. The theme... a secret, but happens to be well-suited to my tastes.

In June I'll be in a two-man show at Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria with the amazing Matthew Porter.

October will be my solo show at Bluebottle Art Gallery here in Seattle.

Vacationing in Thailand with the missus very soon. Can't wait to shed my winter clothing for some fun in the sun (and 90 degree weather).

Upon my return, I'll jump into production on Welcome to Monstroville, where I'll be doing some digital backgrounds with a slew of mighty talented folks.

Also, Chinese New Year has come and gone. Lots of quality family time spent with the in-laws and delicious food digested. Hope those of you who celebrate it had a good one!



mannyfresh said...

Awesome blog bro. Your paintings are such a huge inspiration to me. I love your use of color and simplicity. By the way, I just got back from thailand a couple of months ago with my girlfriend, and it was such a blast. Great inspiration for art. Have fun.

tunaf1sh said...

the mosquito is so rad :D

Parka said...

Nice. Love these characters. Very unique especially the mosquito.

*daisy said...

love the doodles- the tree is very elegant! : D great stuff!

patrick said...

Hey Drake, exciting stuff!

Can I ask you what kind of brush you use for thin lines? I'm having trouble finding a good one.

pumml said...

Thanks for stopping by y'all!

Patrick - For thin lines I use nice kolinsky sable brushes (same ones that inkers use). Raphael 8408 or Winsor Newton Series 7 (round). They taper perfectly and keep their sharpness as long as you take care of them. Depending on the line I want, I generally use a #1 or #2. If you're looking for super thin, go for a #0, #00 or #000. DaVinci also makes good brushes.

These are the more expensive variety, but if you cheap out and try synthetic brushes, you'll find they wear out much faster and cost more in the long run to replace more often.

I assume you're asking about for painting, not for the doodles above, which were just done in Pitt brush marker.

lorelay bove said...

I like the gnomes!

patrick said...

Thanks Drake!

yeah, I was talking about painting

TURCIOS. said...


pumml said...

Thank you, Lorelay and Turcios!

No problem, Patrick. Hope that helps.