September 10, 2007


It's my friend and coworker Ian's birthday. He recently asked why he doesn't have a drawing of mine, so here it is, Ian. Happy birthday!

This is to remind you that you still need to finish Twilight Princess! Look at Link's determined expression, doesn't it make you feel guilty?


Ian Ross said...

This little dood is an inspiration! I'm gonna conquer Twilight Princess ASAP! Thanks for the drawing and the well wishes, Drake.

Todd Harris said...

great blog you have here. happy b-day Ian.

danish ice said...

He is very cute! I really like the coloring style i might give it a go today. Thanks for being a drawing inspiration!

Sam Nielson said...

Haha, this guy is funny. Nice Link design.

pumml said...

Ian - Glad you like him!

Todd - Thanks for stopping by! Your artwork is impressive!

Michelle - Thanks for the nice comment. Hope to see what you come up with!

Sam - Thanks! You Avalanche artists kick ass.