June 07, 2007

Samurai Jack Backgrounds Pt 4

I can't get enough of the great backgrounds from this show... so hopefully you can't either! These are from eps 7 and 8. Episode 7 is one of the great ones with lots of fantastic backgrounds. Unfortunately, many of them were too hard to capture because characters or other moving objects were in the way. Enjoy!

EDIT: Once again, these are by Dan Krall, Scott Wills and Jenny Gase-Baker. Copyright Genndy Tartakovsky and Cartoon Network.


SteveLambe said...

Soooo damn good! Thanks for taking the time to capture and post these, Pumml.

Clinton said...

Awesome works! It's cool that you have a blog, now I can badger you with a million questions about your Samurai Jack experience. Your background art is killer!

pumml said...

My pleasure, Steve!

Clinton, glad you like them, but I didn't do these backgrounds. I'm just a big fan of the show and took screen captures from the DVDs. Dan Krall is responsible for the designs, and Scott WIlls did the color keys. Then I believe they were sent to Korea for production.

Once again, the Samurai Jack backgrounds are not mine! I wish they were!