June 27, 2013

Yesterday's Tomorrow - Ascend

This coming Saturday is the opening of what should be a really terrific group show at Nucleus about retro future — Yesterday's Tomorrow. The artist list is trim and full of goodness. Event details: http://www.gallerynucleus.com/gallery/exhibition/314

Here's my painting for the show, followed by a digital comp for what was going to be a second piece, but life told me I was out of time to do another painting.

Ascend - 10" x 20" - Cel-vinyl Acrylic

BTW, trying to paint a perfect circle with a brush is difficult... I did my best.

Here's the color comp:



Anonymous said...

I love your paintings. :)

pakoto said...

great work Drake

Olivier Som said...

Your works are awesome, I love your style!

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