December 18, 2011

A Big Move... and Kung Fu Panda

Hi guys!

Quick update. I landed a job as BG designer at Bento Box on an upcoming production, so I'm enjoying living in LA now, and very happy to be an official part of the animation business. A big thank you to everyone for being really helpful and welcoming during the (very fast) transition.

I didn't want to post just words, so here, finally, is the painting I did for DreamWorks Fine Art awhile back. It was fun to work on this sucker. I'll post an update when the print and painting go up for sale on their site.

Peach of Wisdom - 24" x 15" cel vinyl acrylic on illustration board
Hope you all have a very happy holiday!


Bruno Chekerdmian said...

Congrats Drake! You will do a great job as background painter, you are an awesome artist!

Gillibean said...

Congratulations on the new job! Best of luck to you. Dnt forget to keep posting!

Andrew said...

Congrats sir. Give me a holler once you're settled in and or bored.


Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

Thank you, Bruno, Gillibean and Andrew!

Petra van Berkum said...

it's lovely!