January 06, 2011

Is This Thing On? G1988

Welp, the cat is out of the bag now that this was posted over at funnyordie.com, so I can now show you my painting for the G1988 tribute to funny people that opens this Friday.

Gilbert Gottfried in all his glory, so to speak. Gilbert's ween is probably NSFW (depending on your place of employment) so enlarge at your own risk.

Truth Revealed - 10" x 12" cel vinyl acrylic on illustration board. $650 Framed.
I'll be attending the show, which should be packed with comedians and artsy types alike. I hope Gilbert shows up. Come by and say, "hello" or perhaps something funnier.

Here are the details:


David Omar said...

Hey I saw this doing the rounds on the internet yesterday. Didn't know you made it, till I saw my blogspot dashboard. Good work, very funny and well drawn. I'd be proud to hang it up in my living room. Good luck with the show!

-David Omar

Aisleen said...

Haha thats awesome Drake!! Congrats on being in the show, it seems like a great one! Have fun while you're there :)

damon said...

very cool nice meeting you in person
I have been a fan of you blog for a long time

Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

Thank you very much David, Aisleen and Damon!

Damon - Nice meeting you, finally!

&Rew said...

Making the blog rounds. Good piece Drake. Was good to hang out for a minute.