January 31, 2011

HB BG Style Applied

With the studies mentioned in my previous post, I've also taken one of Gene Hazelton's terrific layouts from John K's blog and applied my version of the HB painting style to it.

Gene's original
Mine - Photoshop
Minus Yogi
 P.S. The puddle of ice cream in the original story was supposed to be strawberry, but I changed it to mint. I'm allowed to do that, right?


Kali Fontecchio said...

Super awesome!

Mukpuddy said...

Very cool bro!

Chris Kennett said...

Love the colour choices you made.

Juan Bauty said...

Sooo cool!!

Gulzar said...

WICKED ALL THE WAY. I love the space you are travellin in man. Loved it all.

:::Julia Lundman::: said...

Did you ever see those John K remakes of Yogi? Awesome bg's in those and also pretty funny in an artful cartoony way if you know what i mean by that.


- Julia

Ahmed Hamdy said...

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