October 25, 2010

Bad Dads - Wes Anderson Tribute Show

Ken from Hi Fructose magazine was gracious enough to invite me to participate in a Wes Anderson tribute show, opening in SF at the brand new LoPo Gallery on Oct 30th. There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 artists involved in this show, so it'd be fair to expect great things.

My own piece came about mainly because I really wanted to paint the great Bill Murray riding a seahorse and I thought this might be my best opportunity. :)

Living Aquatic-ly - 12" x 12" cel vinyl acrylic on Aquabord
I will admit that in my attempt to faithfully portray elements of the film (Life Aquatic) I may have gotten away from my usual style a bit (too far?). Sort of like an out-of-body-experience. Sorta. If you scroll down through the posts you'll notice I've been all over the board, though. Just experimenting and having fun!

Don't worry, I'll be back to my old hi-jinx soon enough!


bcthree said...

I like your new hi-jinx! The style is perfect and what an awesome show to be apart of.

Skid said...

I love your paintings! How do you get the lines so crisp? Do you mask it? Do you have magical hands that stay steady and make nice crisp lines for you?!

pumml said...

Thank you, Bob and Skid!

Skid - Ha! I didn't use any masking here (except where I used sponging), just robotic hands attached to my real hands.