September 26, 2010

Birthday Butterfly

My son's buddy, Emma just turned 1. I told him to play it cool, but he wanted to impress this older woman, so he asked his dear old dad to paint her something pretty. Birthday party theme was butterflies, so this is what I came up with spur-of-the-moment. I was going for that sun-drenched look, but didn't quite nail it like I wanted. Somewhat tricky with real paint, I found.

Good thing 1 year olds aren't too picky about that sort of thing. :)

Birthday Butterfly - 4" x 6" cel vinyl acrylic on watercolor paper
P.S. The subtle fade you see in the background is a wash and was intentional, not some scanner voodoo.


Efry said...

Happy Birthday :)

Anonymous said...

I think you've caught the summer glow really nicely in this. A great little present for Emma.

pumml said...

Thank you, Efry and Lee!

Anonymous said...

Emma sure is enjoying it in her room:)