June 07, 2010


Peter Moehrle and I hit up an industrial area near downtown Seattle to do a little plein air watercolor painting. Most of the places we wanted to go were off limits to civilians, but we finally found a nice little spot tucked away.

7" x 10" - watercolor and gouache

Hopefully we can do this more regularly. I could use the practice.


Tom Scholes said...

lookin good man!

matt dawson said...

Feels like I was there too.... a lovely outdoor study! The Goonies piece is sublime...kudos for not plumping for Sloth... you've captured Mama F perfectly, I can hear her comforting Sloth as I look at it :) Great loose background to it too.

Ned said...

very good... but the design of anne ramset is great:)


Peter Moehrle said...

Looks good, Cindy thinks yours turned out better

jesse winchester said...

Oh I like this a lot!
Excellent mood created here, and great color harmonies. Love the little hit of red in the far buildings.

pumml said...

Tom - Thanks!

Matt - Cheers for the kind words! Had to go with Mama... she's such a great character.

Ned - Thank you, glad you like it!

Peter - For the record, yours turned out better, but I appreciate the nice feedback from Cindy!

Jesse - Thanks! Nature pretty much figured out the colors for me. :)

Rex said...

Nice work, Drake!