November 06, 2008

LA Part Deux

Off to L.A. again for a few days. Should be a lot of fun and a lot warmer than Seattle (dryer too).

I leave you with a very small, quick, Eyvind Earle inspired gouache study I did a few days after watching the new DVD release of Sleeping Beauty. The backgrounds in the movie are mind blowing... some of the most extensive and detailed in history. Extremely scarce, but if you find one of Eyvind's Sleeping Beauty bgs for sale, it could be yours for a mere $50,000.


Chris Kennett said...

That's nice man. I just watched those DVD extras too. The artwork for that movie was mind blowing.

Diamond said...

Nice painting Drake. I think it will be a very long time before we are ever graced with a film as stylized as Sleeping Beauty. Enjoy your blog.

lorelay bove said...


Luna C said...

Have a great time in L.A. I look forward to talking with you about it and seeing your work for your show.


Green color is beautiful~

David Kow said...

soooo beautiful!!!

pumml said...

Thank you all for commenting!

Chris K. - Agreed. I can watch this film over and over.

Diamond - It was definitely the end of an era. As John Canemaker stated on the DVD extras, we'll never see this kind of lavish detail in an animated film again. Sad to think that, but when would a company be willing to spend over 6 years on a film again?

Lorelay - Thank you! When are we gonna see your little studies? :)

Chris M. - Thanks! Had a blast... and ditto!

Jaewoo - Thank you!

David - Much appreciated!