November 26, 2008

For Me Mum

My Mommy's Birthday is coming up, so I painted both of these yesterday. I'm giving her the warmer colored one. This was actually supposed to be a Christmas present last year, but I ran out of time doing all the niece's paintings. On the bright side, I'm a little better at painting now, so the final product is probably better than it would have been.

6" x 4" cel vinyl acrylic on watercolor paper

6" x 4" cel vinyl acrylic on watercolor paper

Also, I finally have my postcards in hand and will be sending them out in the next few days. Thanks to everyone who emailed... sorry I didn't have time to reply. Be forewarned, the colors are a bit off from what they were supposed to be.. but I guess I have to live with them.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Ian Ross said...

These are gorgeous, Drake! Looking forward to your show next month. Happy Thanksgiving, man.

pumml said...

Thank you, Sir! See you soon!

Christian Robinson said...

Ahhh!!! What a wonderful Illustration of vine ripened tomatos. Your Mum must be very proud to have such a talented son : )

Happy holidays!

hongyi said...

i love the colours in the 2nd one

good work! :)