October 06, 2008

More from Scott Wills

Since I'm under the weather and finding it hard to draw and keep my nose from running... here are some phenomenal paintings Scott Wills recently sent over.

This first batch is from Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 1. No, not the new CG feature, but the 2D animated series for CN. Available for purchase on DVD. If you haven't seen it... you're missing out. Genndy and his dream team pulled out all the stops. Copyright Cartoon Networks and LucasFilm Ltd.

The detail, color, design and lighting in these backgrounds is truly amazing.

Scott was nice enough to send over this Samurai Jack background that he painted. This is a better version than the one I posted before. Apparently the overseas painters felt the need to repaint this final background, even though Scott sent them a better, finished one. Copyright Cartoon Network.

Scott also confirmed that yes indeed, he painted the original "Reflections" piece, that was turned into a giclee print and is available at various animation art dealers. Absolutely gorgeous.


tazman said...

Scott Wills does an awesome work.
Thanks for posting

Mehdi Shiri said...


Chris Kennett said...

Awesome blog! Great inpspiring artwork in this post and from your good self. Thanks for the comments too btw.

Marcos Cohen said...

Hi Drake, These are really beautiful. You know I read your tutorial about gouach painting. You mentioned some sponge to paint the trees I was wondering what kind of sponge was it and how do you use it?

pumml said...

Thanks for the comments, pals!

Marcos - For the HB study I used a synthetic sponge I got at a hotel in Japan. Instead, a great sponge to use is one of those big, yellow, industrial type sponges you can find in art stores. Looks like a brick. Just cut it in half, then get it wet, wring it out and you're ready to dip into the paint. Using an animation cel or frisket film, cut the shape you want out and dab the paint through the cutout area onto your painting. Simple! It'll take some trial and error to get right. The right paint consistency is important.

For advice straight from Art Lozzi himself (including some cool little diagrams), head over to Kali's blog and check out this post.

Good luck!

Marcos Cohen said...

Wow Thanks a lot!

Adele K Thomas said...

hey man, thanks sooooo much for posting these

IZA said...

Holy Crap! How in the world did you get to this point of chatting with Scott Wills and then being able to share all this Amazing stuff?

Either way, I am greatful for all of it, and the fact that you share it!

pumml said...

No problem! Thanks for commenting.

Robert, Scott was nice enough to contact me after one of the previous Sam Jack posts to help clear up any confusion I had about their process and about the pieces I purchased. I try not to bug him to often, but I sure appreciate when he sends his brilliant artwork!

Chris Garbutt said...

Just keep 'em coming.
Amazing stuff!!!


Amazing work!!!

dintoons said...

Is that a football in the sky in the first one...?

Matt J said...

I adore Scott's work-thnx for posting these. Any idea what he's working on these days?

pumml said...

Thanks for the comments.

Dintoons - Yes, of course that is a giant football floating in the sky. I think it's the prototype for the next World Cup.

Matt - I don't know what he's on currently, just that he's still with Dreamworks. Probably art directing on a feature.

Jared Shear said...

These are amazing!...thank you so much for sharing.

matt dawson said...

Thanks for sharing... inspirational as always! Get well soon! PS. your card designs are just perfection sir, 'scary trees' especially.

Alina Chau said...


Jampix said...

Thanks for posting these! Scott Wills is an amazing artist.
Nice blog btw. :)

pumml said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting, everybody! Hopefully all this attention will encourage Scott to send more goodies in the future. :)