September 23, 2008

LA Trip

Back from our whirlwind LA trip. Lynne's solo show at MModern gallery was fantastic, where we got to meet and chat with some of my art heroes. Everybody was so gracious, humble, nice and down to earth. Don't these people realize how great they are? :)

Lady of the hour, the amazing Lynne Naylor.

Multi-talented Chris Reccardi belting out some brand new original songs. In costume, no less.

Super artists Paul and Leanna Rudish.

Expecting power couple Leticia Lacy and Alex Kirwan.

Thanks to everyone for taking time to chat with us and for being so kind!

We also hit Disneyland for the first time in my life, which was so awesome. I'm so amazed by the amount of work, detail and artistry that has gone into every single Disney ride. We'll definitely have to visit again!


Andy said...

One heck of a post fwiend!! Looks like you saw some awesome stuff. Get any autographs?? Huh huh, didja?!

Chris Battle said...

HA-- yer hangin' with all my pals! Glad you got the chance to meet the gang.