July 07, 2008

T'n'T Show

Got on down to PDX over the holiday weekend to see friends and to catch Tim and Tigerlily's show at the Grass Hut. Tim was gracious (he may be one of the nicer people on this planet) and let me chat his ear off about arty things. We drank some Makers with my brother, Erik, and Tim was kind enough to draw an awesome doodle in my sketchbook. I told you he was nice! Anyway, check the show online for Tim's and Tigerlily's great paintings and drawings (including the latest J500's).

A few pics:

db, tb, eb

This is a crayon drawing I did at Macaroni Grill on a paper tablecloth, which now belongs to my pal, Brandon M.


danish ice said...

Looks like great fun, had i still been in pdx we could have met up.

Joseph Lee said...

Love the sketches and especially the crayon drawing!