April 20, 2008

4 Artists Paint 1 Tree

These are screen grabs from the Sleeping Beauty DVD feature "4 Artists Paint 1 Tree". The DVD is out of print right now, but I hear that a new version of it will be released in the near future. This feature alone is worth buying the set for, not to mention the gallery section and the stunning movie itself. A movie with visuals like this could never be made today (it took 6 years). These are two of the four legendary artist's interpretations of the same giant oak tree and are too fantastic not to share.

Eyvind Earle's. Breathtaking details, design, color, the works. His layering technique is really fun to watch. Had to stitch this pan together and match color.

Marc Davis's. Look at the amazing simplified, yet detailed design of this thing. The stark light and dark contrasts are really powerful and appealing to me.


Ian Ross said...

I watched 4 artists paint 1 tree last week, then immediately watched it again. It's a great short. Super inspirational. Thanks for posting these, Drake!

Juanma said...

ohhhh Eyvind Earle...amazing "sleeping Beautyfull!"

Fisrt time i visit your blog, i love your stuff, nice bgs for samurai

pumml said...

Thanks, Ian and Juanma! My pleasure. The Sam Jack bgs aren't mine, of course, but I had fun capturing them off the DVD.