February 11, 2008

Samurai Jack Backgrounds Pt 12

Since I have been working on design-related stuff lately, here's another batch of backgrounds from Samurai Jack. These are from episode 32 - Jack and the Traveling Creatures. This episode is loaded with so much beautiful scenery, I had a difficult time deciding which ones to leave out. Scott Wills and Dan Krall art direction, with paints by Nadia Vurbenova-Mouri and Ellen Suh.

Copyright Genndy Tartakovsky and Cartoon Network.

BTW, these are screencaps from the DVDs (that you should all own!). I'm not affiliated with the show, just a big fan of the artists involved and their amazing work.

Because of the panning and lots of animated elements (like Jack walking, credits, flocks of birds, etc) some of these were relatively tough to stitch together. Please enjoy.


lorelay bove said...

these are spectacular and amazing!
thanks so much for posting these!

Chris Garbutt said...

Hey, good work putting all the Samurai Jack stuff together, I'm glad someone's finally collecting all those amazing paintings in one place.

Love those tree studies you did back in September too!

Heather Dixon said...

Wow, gorgeous stuff! Where do you find these great paintings?

pumml said...

My pleasure, thanks for commenting guy and gals. Heather, I'm finding these paintings on the Samurai Jack DVDs. These are screen captures that are digitally stitched together to recreate pans or remove the character(s).