December 24, 2007

Christmas Painting #6

"We must be strong and brave. Our home we have to save..."

Since my last painting was of a unicorn, I needed to offset the cuteness with some Battleship Yamato (Starblazers) for my brother in law. This one was a blast to work on. I experimented with a triple-step wet-on-wet wash for the space background (first time playing with washes) and some spattering with a toothbrush for the stars (first time playing with spattering technique). I had the ship and planet masked out with frisket. After finishing the space portion, I peeled off the frisket from the planet and painted it using some dry brushing. I then blocked in the ship outlines in black and filled in the middle value flat colors. After that it was just a matter of putting in the shadows and highlights. I was going to post process pics, but got rolling on the painting and forgot to capture all the steps. If you want to see the ones I took, lemme know and I'll post them up.

Enough blabbing, here's the painting.

4" x 6" cel vinyl acrylic on watercolor paper

4am. Time for some sleep and then onto the next one! If you don't stop by again before the 25th, Merry Crimbo!


Gary G said...

Wow I love this blog. You have a very personal feel to your style. Im gonna link you.

Matias Hyde said...
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Matias Hyde said...
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Matias Hyde said...

Merry Christmas to you too Pumml!
And thanks for your comment.
I really liked your web! I have already bookmarked it; I'll be coming by often.

artlung said...

Very excellent! I loved Star Blazers as a kid.

boob said...

Neat stuff up here Pumml! I know nothing about Starblazers but I dig this piece. The wet on wet and spatter techniques really shine even this blog image. Looked fun to do. Hey, and thanks fer stoppin' by!