November 12, 2007

Back from Vacation Doodles

Just got back from a 2 week vacation in Hong Kong and Japan. It was a great trip and we got to spend time with some friends and take in the sights. We did a ton of walking and took a ton of pictures (2 gigs worth). I also bought a small load of toys, of course. I had little time to draw, but here are a few morsels.

A snake.

From Hama Rikyu Garden in Tokyo.

This exquisite specimen was seated across from us at dinner at Ichiba Coji in Kyoto. She had the worst posture I've ever seen. She was really thin, but still brought some muffin top, to boot. I'm not exaggerating much in this drawing, btw. She sat texting while her boyfriend read his book the entire dinner, so there was very little in the way of communication. Very strange.

Ryoanji Temple rock garden.

I may post a couple noteworthy photos from the trip soon.

In other sad news, my favorite current cartoon, El Tigre has been cancelled after only 6 months. Full of great action, and comedy and artwork, and with a team of super-talents. Nickelodeon has apparently cancelled the show because it wasn't beating their ratings cow, Spongebob. If they wanted a show that could beat Spongebob's ratings (which El Tigre did early on), they just cancelled the only one that had a real shot at it. It's not surprising the ratings tanked, they kept running the same episode over and over and kept moving the timeslot around without posting it on the site. There were quite a few times I tuned in to see the show only to find F-ing Spongebob in it's place. It seems like they don't know how to HAVE a hit show, because even Spongebob would've been cancelled with that kinda crap treatment. What a pisser. I'm gutted for the people who made the show great, and for the fans.

I think I'll write their programming department.


Anonymous said...

hey D! You don't mind if I call you D, do you. Glad you guys made it home safely and sorry you had to miss the Gumbo Party. Even Ian didn't make it. Anyway, I've been wanting to let you know I'm enjoying your tree studies. They're great. I love the organic lines that come from nature. Keep it up.

danish ice said...

Welcome back!
I love your tree, very pretty!

Dave Carleson said...

Nice work. These studies are great.
Two weeks in Hong Kong and Japan?
Man, I haven't been back there since '89.... *jealous*

Andy said...

Hey dude. Sweet drawings this post! I can tell you're getting supah good with your markers and brush techniques. Curious to see some of the badass toys you picked up. Oh and have a Happy Thanksgiving. Send me and my parents' love to the rest of the fam-damily.

Andy awaa~aay!

pumml said...

Thanks for stopping by, all.

Chris, yep, you can call me D... as long as nobody else with the same first letter gets confused. :)

Thanks, Michelle!

Thanks, Dave. Trip was a blast. Was glad to still be able to use my Japanese from college. It came in very handy a few times. People who tell you it's not mandatory to speak and read (some) while visiting Japan, are liars! Or perhaps have access to translators.

Thanks, Andy! I'll post some photos of the toys soon. Please pass along my holiday best wishes to your family as well.