July 22, 2007


Just a couple new doodles for your viewing pleasure. As you can see I got some new colored Pitt brush pens... not that you probably care. Here they are anyway!

A character design for a game at work. What is it? Your guess is as good as mine. I think I call him a unihorn, but I'm not sure.

Braces. Almost as cool as ice in yo' grill. Foo. I wonder if they make braces with what the kids are calling, "ice" these days? That's a million dollar invention, people! Or at least a couple hundred dollar invention.

Coming very soon: A birthday picture for one of my four nieces... can you guess which one of these themes it has? Soccer, pirate, princess, ballerina, pegasus, hippo?

EDIT: The prize for the person who guesses correctly first is a new doodle of anything they wish! Get guessing! Oh, and you only get one guess each, btw. :)


Michelle said...

Is there a prize?

pumml said...

Okay Michelle, I'll offer up a prize. The prize is that I'll send the winner a brand new doodle of anything they wish. And to be fair, I'll let you try again. But this time I recommend only guessing one of the list items.

j said...

It's gotta be hippos, b/c you saw this yesterday and wanted a pet hippo too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3NueKXS6dk

Al said...

Let's see if I can brings some Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning in here... you're in Seattle... little girls in the pacific northwest... hotbed of soccer activity... plus AYSO is huge for American youth in general (it's the most played sport by a far margin, up until college age)... I gotta go with the FUTBOL!!!

Feel free to doodle me up anything your black little heart can imagine, as long as it's related to crimefighting nerds.

dug said...

I'll say pirate just 'cause Al wishes he was one...I mean just look at his pic!

I want a 3ones group shot fer my doodle!

pumml said...

Thanks for the guesses so far!

J - That's a real precious hippo vid. Awww.

Al - I appreciate your swagger. How did you know I have a little black heart? You must have seen my x-ray somehow.

Dug - That is a mean request. I pray you don't win.

Keep those guesses coming, people. There are still some unguessed themes!

Andy said...

Imma gonna say Ballerina.

And howzabout a Mikey (TMNT) sketch?

Oh, and thanks for the comments btw.

kga245 said...

All little girls want to be princesses therefore my guess is a soccer-pirate princess dancing on a hippo that has pagasus crushed under its foot.

pumml said...

The winner is Andy! Congrats! As promised, I'll be doodling up a Michelangelo TMNT sketch for you shortly. Thanks to all who sent in guesses! Kelly, you listed everything BUT the actual theme! That's some amazing anti-E.S.P.